It’s time to stand up to PBM Abuses—for our patients, for the patient-doctor relationship, and for our entire health care system. Check out the following resources to learn more about how PBMs are impacting our health care and how you can get involved.

PBM Horror Story: Derek

After weeks of delays, a young husband’s life-saving drug finally arrived, only after he could no longer swallow and shortly thereafter died. This is Derek's PBM horror story. It is time to stop PBM Abuses.

PBM Cup of Coffee

Getting your medications, like coffee, should be simple. It shouldn't involve a harmful, expensive PBM middleman. Watch this video to learn more about how PBMs Abuse our health care system and harm patients.

Cancer Policy Minute with COA Executive Director Ted Okon

Listen to COA Executive Director Ted Okon explain the harmful effects PBMs have on our health care system.